Thru Tubing Completions

The core of our operations is our thru tubing services. From drillouts to cleanouts our team has been trained to successfully complete the operation both efficiently and effectively.

Machine Shop Services

Our Henderson, TX location has a full service machine shop and can operate 24/7 to meet your needs. From custom tools to modifications, our team can handle it.

Engineering & Planning

We utilize the industry standard well modeling software so we can plan your operation to be the most effective and efficient possible.


Our field personnel are trained in all aspects of field operations and can be utilized as field consultants to cover your operation from start to finish.

Thru Tubing Completions

Whether completion, intervention or contingency operations, Old School Services has the experience and the equipment to get the job done effectively and exceeding expectations.

Our experience combined with our gifted engineering team, allows Old School Services to continually evolve to new completions operations and design the tools to move the bar higher.

We work with customers across all major basins in the US to ensure they are receiving the best tools, personnel and service.


We have decades of experience when it comes to drilling out composite frac plugs, cement, pre-sets, scale and other downhole elements. Whether on coiled tubing or workover rig we have the personnel to complete the job.

Fishing Services

Our focus is on thru tubing fishing, but our qualified personnel have successfully completed 100’s of big tool fishing and open hole fishing jobs in multiple basins and offshore.

Remedial Work

Our specialty line of tools focus on increase lacking production on older wells. We will help increase production to initial levels or, in most cases, make your wells perform even better than day 1.

Machine Shop Services

All downhole operations differ. There are no two wells that will drill the same nor have the same outcome. We understand that well variables are rapidly changing and modifications are sometimes needed.

With our in-house machine shop, we can knock out tool modifications or new tool design without having to go through the red tape or waiting on outside providers.

Some of our specialty tools designed for specific customers have led to well production that have exceeded previous production numbers tenfold.

Big or small we can design and R&D any of your tool wants or needs.

Custom Tool Design

Do you have a tool in your head that you think will be a game changer? Let us help you create the tool. You can have all the rights.

Tool Modification

Some tools may experience excessive wear in longer laterals or may need a bigger I.D. for a specific drop ball size. We can accommodate these needs and make any modifications you request.

Replacement Parts

We can machine replacement parts for your current tools when in a bind. We machine all of our own redress parts so we can guarantee quality

Engineering Design

As the energy markets evolve, operators and investors alike are focused on optimizing operational economics to achieve superior results from every opportunity.   

Our team of completion engineers, consultants and supervisors are able to assist with all aspects of the workover and completion process for vertical and horizontal wells including chemical enhancement, hydraulic fracturing, preparation, cost management, running completion tools, and well modeling. 

Well Modeling

If you provide us with the survey, CT tubing design, and well parameters, we can effectively run a model showing weight, pressures and if TD is possible.

Wellsite Planning

Let us take the heavy lifting off of your plate, we can help locate service companies to provide an all inclusive package for your operation.

Chemical Enhancement

Did you know your source water can have a major impact on the performance of your chemical and drillout program. We are able to test source water with the help of our third party partner to help you find the best chemical program for your project.


With decades of experience on the operator side, our team of professionals can help implement proven drillout procedures that will give you the best outcome with minimal risk.


Old School Services can provide onsite supervision services to oil and gas operating companies. We are dedicated to ensuring the experience level and personality of our supervisors provide the best quality match with your program.

Our highly qualified supervisors work alongside your company in key areas of operations, including, completions, stimulation, workover, production, and remediation.

You can be confident that our supervisors have the training, knowledge, experience and leadership skills necessary to successfully and safely manage your operation while playing a key role in your success.

Field Consutants

Our field consultants are highly trained and can help move operations forward on both coiled tubing and workover jobs.

Fishing Consulting

We are able to help on the back end of difficult fishing jobs by coming up with out of the box ideas to help catch your fish on the first try.


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